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Service Above Self

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Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
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Mailing Address:    PO Box 451, Fryeburg, Maine   04037
Our club members are people who love their community and want to see it thrive.  We help to ensure that our food pantries are well stocked, our children are given opportunities to learn to read, play sports, and grow up to become good citizens and leaders. We meet weekly, have a delicious breakfast, plan meaningful programs, and host speakers on a variety of topics. Friendships are forged here.  Please come visit us for breakfast, and we're sure you will come back for the fellowship!
Come one Come ALL to the Fryeburg Fair, October 3rd - 10th and visit the Fryeburg Area Rotary Club Food Booth located inside the Grandstand.   This is our second year in this amazing venue and will are excited to bring to the booth our famous loaded baked potatoes, Gourmet Hot Dogs, Red Dogs, breakfast hoagies and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.....Drinks and more.      Please seek us out and you will not be disappointed.
If interested in volunteering at our booth during the Fair please use the following link:
or email to - fryeburgarearotary@gmail.com or stop by the Booth for information.
The funds from this event will benefit the Fryeburg Community in many ways including Scholarships for High School Students in our local area.
HELP Freyburg Area Rotary Club provide warm coats to our local community.      Donate NOW using the following link:
This is the 2nd year that the Fryeburg Area Rotary Club will be purchasing coats for local children and young adults.     The Rotary Club is partnering with Operation Warm Inc and Fryeburg Thrift Shop on Main Street in Fryeburg to distribute the coats.      Our First year we supplied over 50 coats.     
Please donate to help us reach out to more students in need. 


Our mission is to improve lives and strengthen communities by promoting and providing quality affordable homes for people in need.

The Affordable Housing Crisis

Affordable rental homes continue to be in short supply, and renters face high and ever-rising costs.

There is no state or county in the U.S. where a renter working full-time at minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment. Housing availability has shrunk to record lows while rental costs have increased dramatically. The magnitude of the affordable housing crisis we are currently facing calls for bold and innovative solutions. Avesta Housing is working to meet that challenge.

For more information visit................     https://www.avestahousing.org      

Fryeburg Rotary Area Rotary Club welcomes Avesta Housing to our meeting this past Tuesday.      This subject is a crisis that we all need to hear about and help work towards creating solutions to minimize this problem.        

Avesta Housing is a non-profit affordable housing provider for 50 years.     Avesta has been developing and preserving affordable homes for people in need and also providing essential support services to help those residents thrive.     Avesta operates 100 properties throughout Maine and New Hampshire and provides homes to more than 4,000 people every day.

Sara Olen is the Vice President of advancement at Avesta Housing.   For 7 years, she has guided the non-profit organization in resource development, internal and external communications and public relations.  

Lauren Turner is an associate development officer and has worked at Avesta Housing for over 1 year.

Thank you for a very informative and important subject that affects our local communities.

Meet Cianna Stacy who is Fryeburg Area Rotary Club's Citizen of the Month for May.
"Desmond Tutu said, "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelms the world".   This quote encompasses Molly Ockett's 8th grade Rotary student of the month of May, Cianna Stacy!    Cianna is a kind, considerate young woman who is always willing to help her classmates and teachers.    She puts forth great effort in her class assignments and always looks to exceed the required expectations while encouraging other to do their best as well.   She always strives to do her best and works through challenges with a positive attitude.   she is often the first to volunteer for ay task and is always an eager participant in any activity.    Cianna is a natural helper and a wonderful example for her classmates.   In addition to being an outstanding student, Cianna is wonderful friend to her classmates and a gifted athlete with a passion for playing multiple sports.     Thank you Cianna for your diligence, hard work and admirable character.     Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors.
Maryann Eastman, Librarian from Fryeburg Public Library spoke to the Fryeburg Area Rotary Club introducing everyone to the amazing, ambitious and informative activities offered by our  local Library.     
The Mission:
"Currently, the Library is known as the Fryeburg Public Library.     Our Mission, within a friendly and inclusive atmosphere is to provide universal access to knowledge and learning through print, electronic resources, cultural activities programs and services.    It is our goal to meet the educational, informational, cultural and intellectual needs of the community."
Please visit their website to understand all your Library has to offer.   www.fryeburgpubliclibrary.org
The Library and Fryeburg Area Rotary Club are raffling off signed, by the author, books for the benefit of the Library and the community.    Please visit the Library to review the books and purchase a raffle ticket.
Fryeburg Area Rotary Club is proud to award Sophia Carone at the Rotary Club Student of the Month for April.   She was chosen because she is consistently kind and helpful to others and because she is a dedicated and responsible student who always works hard.    Sophia puts her best effort into everything she does and sincerely cares about her progress.   She is a productive community member and a great example for her peers and younger students.    Having Sophia as a part of our Molly Ockett community makes our school a better place and we look forward to seeing what her future brings.     Congratulations Sophia!
Today Fryeburg Rotary honored Nick Allain as the March Citizen of the Month.   Nick is a local 6th grade student that strives to always do his best, works through challenges with a positive attitude, volunteers for any task, always willing to help his classmates..... always exceeding expectations in all things.     He is described by teachers..... "If you see someone with a smile, give them one of yours" a Quote from Dolly Parton.    Nick is also a gifted musician and enjoys several sports.
Congratulations Nick for your dedication to school, your fellow classmates and your community.
Help support the Fryeburg Area Rotary Club in collecting books for local schools and our library.
You can reach out to any Rotary member or contact us at EMAIL:    fryeburgarearotary@gmail.com
Fryeburg Area Rotary Club is partnering with Operation Warm a national nonprofit that manufactures brand-new high-quality coats for children.   Operation Warm has partnered with Rotary Clubs all over North America serving over 4.6 million children and families since 1998.       Fryeburg Area Rotary Club is planning on purchasing 36+ coat for young children and young adults to support families in our local community.      During these challenging times we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be safe and warm during the winter months.       If you are interested in helping the Rotary Club with this wonderful and amazing project please contact us using the "Contact Link" above or send funds directly to Zelle using the email - fryeburgarearotarycharity.com.
The Fryeburg Area Rotary Club held a dedication ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 15th. at the Fryeburg Recreation center. The Club commissioned a bench in memory of deceased fellow Rotarian Allan Lothrop, who passed away in June of 2019. The ceremony was attended by Rotarians, Allan's daughter and son in law and friends of the family.
Allan was a longtime member of Fryeburg Area Rotary Club, a quiet man with a passion for Rotary and its mission.    Allan was a Fryeburg resident who worked in the forest products industry as a key figure in the Forest Industries plant in Fryeburg and operated a dowel factory in Waterford.   Many present shared fond memories of Allan.
Also attending was Bob Hatch, a sign maker who lives in Fryeburg and generously did the engraving on the bench.
The bench, a beautifully handcrafted piece of furniture, was built by Chatham custom woodworker Silas Eastman, of the Chester Eastman Homestead.    Unfortunately, Silas was not in attendance.
A huge Thank You to Silas and Bob for their generous contribution.
Come one Come ALL to the Fryeburg Fair, October 2nd - 9th and visit the Fryeburg Area Rotary Club Food Booth located inside the Grandstand.   We are moving to this new amazing venue and will be expanding our menu.    Along with our famous baked potatoes we will be offering Gourmet Hot Dogs and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.....Drinks and more.       Please seek us out and you will not be disappointed.
If interested in volunteering at our booth during the Fair email to - fryeburgarearotary@gmail.com or stop by the Booth for information.
The funds from this event will benefit the Fryeburg Community in many ways including Scholarships for High School Students in our local area.
Oct 06, 2023
But you can join us at the Fryeburg Fair!
FARC Board Meeting
Oct 13, 2023 7:30 AM